your wedding can only be captured once and it has to be done beautifully

Our Approach

MURALL FILMS is a team of creators based in Lisbon, Portugal. We speak 6 languages and most of the time we work with other industries outside weddings. But we DO love to film weddings!

We believe that our experience and fresh aye helps us to make difference in the wedding videography. Every wedding for us is a chance to create something special. Will it be a reportage or a directed and scripted love story film, we are going to put all our creativity and to produce a great video as a result!

We know that your experience with photographers and videographers is very important. We have an easy-going approach and try to fit into your wedding day as seamlessly as possible.

Memories we have created

​Love is infinite. There is no beginning, there is no end. That's what we want to capture. That's the story we want to tell.

You'll see in our videos that our couples all look extremely comfortable, happy and natural. Through cinematic videography it is our goal to create the story of our couple and everything that the day encompasses.

What makes us different

We are not wedding videographers and photographers and we will bring all our experience to ensure our clients have a beautiful and emotional cinematic story. Wedding industry "standards" and season trends might look too cheese in couple years but your film by MURALL FILMS will be the real cinematography classic!

Teasers. Guys, we know, you can't wait to see your videos and pictures! Believe as, we also can't wait to share results with you! So in one week after the wedding you will receive up to 1 minute video with some flashbacks of your Big Day.

We edit fast. As we do very limited amount of weddings a year we don't need to wait till the end of a season to start editing. All films and pictures will be ready in around 2 months.

We bring professional level equipment, from cameras to light and sound kits.

In every package we offer 2-3 professionals: more cameras, more angles, more locations, more creativity.


Start with the base package and add-on the services that you need.


Basic VIDEO package includes:

  • 3-4 minutes highlighted film;

  • 1 min video teaser in 1-2 weeks;

  • two filmmakers;

  • crew travel (central Portugal);

  • up to 8 hours coverage


Customise Basic package with:

  • 30-40 minutes Feature film;

  • 20 minutes Highlighted film;

  • Aerial (drone) footage;

  • Editional hours;

  • Editional filming days;

  • Destination wedding services;

  • Pre-Wedding shooting.


Same week editing!

Get your wedding teaser video in 2-3 days and

full size and quality wedding film only in one week after your wedding!

If you happen to have any specific requirements that are not listed here as part of our standard packages, we will endeavour to meet those; please contact us to discuss your exact requirements.

Kate and Andrew you are the best! You make my/our dream come true.

I'm really happy it was you who did our video LOVE STORY. The one who really love someone can detect all the especial moments in our story, like you did!

— Olga, 2017

We're excited to hear your story and can't wait to get creative!