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Lisbon. Portugal. Worldwide


We capture moments

that will become your memories

Hi there!

MURALL FILMS is a team of content creators, passionate about storytelling and cinematography. Wedding videography and photography is just a part of what we do. And we DO love to film weddings!

We are based in Lisbon, Portugal and work on projects all around the world. 

Every day we improve our skills and get new experience outside wedding industry while working with brands, companies and artists. We are passionate about giving back, support mental health and care about the environment. In our portfolio you can see that we work with companies and innovators that are producing sustainable products and helping people to improve their lives. We are proud to be a part of a community that chose a path to create a better future.


Our style is inspired by movies, Netflix TV shows, latest cinematography and photography trends and classic cinematic approaches. We believe that our experience and fresh eye helps us to make a difference in wedding photography and videography. 


We are here to tell YOUR story and create a piece of ART for you.

What we do

Wedding Videography

Cinematic, stylish, touchy.

Just an opposite of "cheese". Two cameras, professional equipment, fresh ideas.

Wedding Photography

Our photographers and videographers are trained to avoid each other frames like ninjas!


First video and pictures you will receive just in a week after your wedding!

Drone Cinematography

All flights are performed by certified drone pilots.

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Professional Editing

We know some magic ;) From professional montage, cinematic colourgrading to unique style and look inspired by your love

(Secret proposal)

We help to make this day perfect and capture this magical moment.

She/he will be impressed!

Love Story 

Special occasion is not required, it is always a perfect time to celebrate your love.

Destination Weddings

Will it be in Portugal or anywhere else we are always ready to pack our stuff and come to you!

One Week Editing

Yes, it is possible! With this option just a week after your wedding you receive all videos and pictures in full quality!

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We Make It Cool

Enjoy your experience and show your kids how cool and badass were their parents!

Memories we have created